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How Do I … > Know which fire district I live in?

In addition to the Town of Mamaroneck Fire Department, the other local fire districts include the Village of Mamaroneck Fire Department and the Village of Larchmont Fire Department.

Each fire department is responsible to its own fire district. To determine the official location of a specific residence, visit How do I know if I live in "The Town"?

Please note: If you have an automatic alarm system, check with the alarm company to make sure that they have the correct emergency services information.


The Town of Mamaroneck Fire Department, located at 205 Weaver Street in Larchmont, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week


The Town of Mamaroneck Fire Department, located at the Weaver Street Firehouse, consists of approximately 70 volunteer firefighters, 14 career firefighters and a very active Junior Firefighter program. The Town Board serves as the Board of …

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(914) 834-2438

(914) 834-0922

Department Head
Joe Russo
Fire Chief