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Penalties are levied on late payments. To avoid incurring penalties:

  • You can deliver your payment to the Receiver of Taxes in person; or
  • Be sure your payment is postmarked by the US Post Office, or an officially-accepted delivery company (Airborne Express, FedEx, and UPS). These are the only acceptable postmarks. Payments dated through other means (including Pitney Bowes mail equipment or foreign post) are not acceptable.

New York state laws prohibits a municipality to waive penalties on real estate or school tax payments received after the due date for any reason.

School Taxes

September, First half

During September - None

During October - 2%

During November - 5%

During December and January - 7%

During February and March - 10%

During April - 12%

Thereafter 1% per month

January, Second half

During January - None

During February and March - 10%

During April - 12%

Thereafter 1% per month


Town & County Taxes

During April - None

During May - 2%

During June and July - 5%

During August and September - 7%

During October, November and December - 10%

During January, February, March and April - 12%

During May - 13%

Thereafter 1% per month


Returned check fee: $20.00
(money order or cash will be required)


The Comptroller’s office, located on the second floor of the Town Center
(Rm 204), is open weekdays:

Winter Hours:
Labor Day through Memorial Day
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Summer Hours:
Memorial Day through Labor Day
8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Holiday Schedule


The Comptroller is appointed by the Town Board. Under New York State Town Law, the Comptroller is vested with the responsibility of managing all details related to the fiscal operations of the Town. The Comptroller acts as financial steward of all Town …

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(914) 381-7860

(914) 381-2110

Department Head
Anthony Siligato
Comptroller / Receiver of Taxes /
IT Director